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Webcomic List and Writing

Started by Omega0, February 26, 2006, 03:44:38 AM

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A few things hit to bring this to my attention again and I'm finally on enough caffeine to beat the nervousness, so here goes:

The largest thing I would use the webspace for a webcomics list/database & associated materials that I've built.  My shtick being I read every webcomic on the list (or have read for the concluded ones) so each one is at the very least legible (and enough to keep me reading, though that's not saying much).  Also it contains information like Updates/week and a degree of anthro content.
The list can be viewed here:  (the server has been flaky of late, if the database goes dead I can put up a plain HTML version).

I've been starting to add extra content to these pages approximately weekly.  Late last year, I did a series of short fragments of writing discussing a few points that made webcomics more pleasant to read.  This year I have tried writing short pieces pointing out small and relatively unknown webcomics of notable quality.

More in line with Xepher's normal content, I also am trying to write more substantial material.  Picking out my personal favorites, there's a short story written for transformation-based content: and I've been keeping up with the RUET story contest.  This one isn't too bad:

A few other highlights.
Quite old, but not terrible:
Two more recent bits:,

And that's about it, one hosting application without the start of a webcomic.

Website: for webcomicy things. for the rest.


Hey, a welcome to a fellow TSA member, but just a fair warning. Due to... a lot of things which you can read about in various other posts... applications are open, but are in, shall we say, "indefinite holding pattern" right now. That means, while you're welcomet to apply and others to post and comment on your application, it's quite likely I won't be getting to it (or any others) for a rather long while.


man I never thought I'd meet someone who reads more webcomics than I do, let alone put them all in order on a website. oO Major kudos.

As for your site, I like the idea, but  I couldn't for the life of me couldn't figure out your rating system or what  "obj" meant and it took me a long time to find the key because the link was so small. Granted this may be because it's kind of late here and my brain is hindered by minor pain..... but you may want to consider making the link for the key more....visible, shall we say? Also if it's possible, adding a search option and a way to rearrange the list (you know, like if someone wants to see the comics sorted by update rating or by the furry content), those are completely optional tho :)

other than that, good luck! And remember to be patient, the xepher community is worth the wait :D
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.

Omega0  I probably should name it "sort list" rather than "options."  It doesn't do everything you mentioned, but I have to leave something for the next time I feel like fighting PHP.  As for the key, I'll have to give it some thought (too early in the morning for me to think of something).

I'm in no hurry & it's pretty hard to complain when someone is running a free service.  Maybe by the time the holding pattern clears I'll have some slightly better content too.


Still-Intested Post.

Kind of pathetic though that I only managed 3 updates to the site since the initial post.


You realize that Altermeta is down indefinately and its archive is now hosted on another web server.


Hmmm... Thinking about this one. On the one hand, it's not exactly "content" but on the other, you are doing a good service for those interested in comics.


Quote from: GabrielsThoughtsYou realize that Altermeta is down indefinately and its archive is now hosted on another web server.
I knew it was in stasis, but I havent been doing any checks other than a quick once/month to see if any thing changed.  Can you get me the new archive URL?


Given that is for artists (and writers), I think your site is highly beneficial.  I could actually see you taking this to a larger community/service type project, but that's just me.  What you've got is cool on its own.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


This is the new, or at least current URL for the Altermeta archive.



Okay, I'm gonna say yes. But looking things over, I don't see you giving a user/account name you want. Remember, all lower case, and it will be part of the URL.


!...many thanks!  That was surprizingly quick and painless.

Well I can't think of anything remotly clever, so I suppose "omega0" (unless digits pose a problem, then "omega") does what's needed.


I really need to write stuff down; appologies on the lateness.

Still interested bump.


I don't have time to add it right now, and I'll likely forget by tomorrow. Poke this if you don't get a response by monday.