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I'm also at an SSH loss...

Started by gracey, March 30, 2006, 06:40:32 AM

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I actually had a virus run through my putt-putt computer recently so I had to start from stratch again. So this time, I didn't get FTP but SSH to manage my files but I have been having trouble with the initial log on. Is it because I don't remember the password? Username? Or just don't get how you use it?

I've read and re-read that post with stellar tutorials on using it but its not connecting me. I'll try again tomorrow but does anyone have advice?
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What exactly isn't working? What message(s) do you get? And when you say "SSH" I assume you mean SCP or SFTP (CoPy or FTP through SSH) What program are you using? WinSCP, or something else?


I guess I all I needed was time to figure things out cus I fiddled with it and figured everything out. I'm going fiddle with this for a few hours more so I can get the hang of it.

Thanks for responding promptly though. I appreciate it.
"Watch it Jeff, she's packing ovaries!" - Patrick, Coupling