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Xepher's Moving

Started by Xepher, May 24, 2006, 03:39:15 AM

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I'm moving back to College Station Texas. I'm leaving Thursday (5/25) morning and it may be several days before I get back online. That is all.


Hotel, 11pm, Amarillo. Halfway there. To quote a song...

Quote from: "A Life Of Arctic Sounds by Modest Mouse"And 100 miles is a long drive inside a car
200 miles is a long drive inside a car
300 miles is a long drive inside a car
400 miles is a long drive inside a car
500 miles is a REAL LONG DRIVE IN A CAR
600 miles is a long drive inside a car
700 miles is a long drive inside a car
800 miles is a long drive inside a car
900 miles is a long long long long ways in a car
1000 miles is a LONG DRIVE INSIDE A CAR!!!!!!!
1100 miles is too far inside a car
On a totally unrelated note :-)
*Points to distance* ->,+co+to+college+station,+tx&om=1

And this was interesting...


That's an awesome picture. And an awesome quote. Hope everything goes smoothly on the rest of the trip for ya :)
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Ah man, I'm gone for awhile and look what, nah hey I hope you have a good trip. ^_^


In CS, kinda moved in. Waiting to finish painting before I can really unpack and move into the room. Thus, I'm still on laptop for a bit.


Computer unpacked, mattress on floor. Spent the rest of the day catching up on a week of missed internet. Hopefully get back to "normal" by monday or so.


Was it a smooth move, exlax? *giggles* I couldnt help it!
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No sense in letting a good topic go to waste. I am once again moving. Not as far this time, but I don't have my own placed lined up at the other end yet, so I'm gonna be on floors with my parents and friends for a bit. Should have internet most of the time, but I may be rather busy with a job and finding a place, so I may not have as much time as I'd like online. Apologies in advance if this causes problems, but I will try my best to make sure no one notices I'm gone.


Okay, I'm in my new place, and finally got internet today. I'm still unpacking, and job here (building contractor) has already pretty much started, so I'm quite swamped in the real world at the moment. I'll try and stay on top of things here though, at least as much as possible.


Glad you made it safe! Have fun unpacking half your stuff and realize you didn't need half of it and then just leave them in the boxes until the next time you move.

.... what? noone else does that?


Man, I never thought this topic would get so much use.

Anyway, I'm in my new apartment as of yesterday. Still unpacking and sorting out details. Turns out the new place has no built-in light fixtures, and I own no lamps. As such, everything is done by monitor glow and one 300w halogen work light. Tomorrow I'm going to the home depot and buying 1000 watts of track lighting. After that, I'll work on the new server some more.


Are you in a newer apartment?  Wow, you've moved a lot!  Are you still in Texas at least?
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Xepher I'll be heading to College Station for college in a few months. What a coincidence. ;P Like asked before, are you still there? Would be interesting to live in the same city as my webhost.

This is Silentfyre by the way. I totally forgot my forum password. >_>


No... I didn't stay in CS too long this time 'round. It just wasn't working out job-wise, so I've moved to Boerne (near San Antonio) where my folks live. I'm working with my father, building homes right now, but that's not working out quite as well as I'd hoped either. I've got a lease on my current apartment through February of '08 though. I have NO idea what I'll be doing or where I'll be after that though. (Words like "Alaska" and "Australia" keep popping into my head though.) If you're ever in SA or anything before then though, I'm always happy to meet with people. FYI, that goes for anyone that swings by this part of Texas.


Alaska was cool and all, but there's nothing to do there!!
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