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Started by ecru, July 21, 2006, 11:20:18 PM

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I've been reading around a bit on the forums and haven't seen anything that addresses this, so... here I go:

Does allow users to upload things like Radioblogs ( ?  I'm well aware of the "no uploading illegal mp3s and making them available to the public" rule, but in the cases where you're just uploading the music for people to listen to but not download, is it the same?  If you're familiar with radioblog this will make much more sense than me trying to babble about it... but if I need to clarify, let me know. :)

Also, if you do accept radioblogs and the like, do you have a limit on the # of songs/total file size that can be uploaded?  If possible I'd like to get a few songs up just for fun, but I would never want to load up the server and impede other users with large-size files.



Hmm... I haven't heard of the site before, and it doesn't work when I try to visit now. I hit "play track" and it just doesn't go anywhere. I need more information on exactly WHAT it is that radioblog does. I mean, if you're uploading a song to them, and then merely linking it on your site (that is, not hosting the actual file here) then I'm might be inclined to think it's okay, as the legal issues become theirs. If, however, you're only talking about doing something like that... I don't know, we're in some fine-line territory here with copyrights and legal issues. Most stuff online, even the seemingly legit stuff (like internet radio stations) often isn't technically legal. I see no links on radioblog about the legal/license issues.

Give me more information, on EXACTLY what you plan to do, and by that I mean, where is the song hosted, where is it linked, how do visitors play it, is it downloaded or truely streamed only, etc.


Radioblog is often really... ornery and won't play some peoples playlists.  It usually works, but sometimes certaini ones just... don't.  After you search for an artist, just try clicking on a few of the links to songs until you get one that works.

Okay, so as far as I know... Radioblog is an internet jukebox program that provides you a program that converts mp3s into a different sort of format (RBS I believe?) that it then plays using a script provided when you download it.  Unfortunately, it does require that you upload the RBS files onto your own server.  However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to download any of the tracks that are uploaded using that program.  So... It's basically allowing other people to listen to songs that you have uploaded, but not allowing them to download them for personal use.  Thus the... "radio" part of the title, I guess.

As for what I planned to do... I really only wanted to uploaded around 10-15 songs to give my friends and other interested art colleagues an idea of what I listen to without resorting to sites like (which is DEFINITELY not legit, whooeeee!)  Typically, if you can get the radioblog to work correctly, it pops up in a different window (oh, and it doesn't have any ads) and then you click on the track and it (usually) plays it.

If you're really worried about the copyright issues, let me know and I won't upload it.  That's why I wanted to run it by you first, because I figured there might be some worries there.  I may be able to create an account just for it as well if I get that desperate.

Hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any other questions.


Yeah, see, the thing is that even uploading something for sometone to "stream" is illegal, unless you've got licensing agreements with the music industry somehow. If radioblog was paying the fees and storing the tracks, that's one thing, but, if it's gonna be hosted here, I honestly don't see how it can be legal. Maybe you can prove me wrong on that, but... well, unless you do, I have to say no, just to protect my own tail here. My personal beliefs aside, I'm afraid of lawyers with money. :-/