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Question about my new site, Newsbox related

Started by fesworks, September 02, 2006, 07:45:00 PM

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Ok, I think I about have what will work for the site here (PHP is greek to me).

I put the newsbox on my page (index.php), which is also what I have my domain name ( set to as well.

Since I also needed to have a "index.php" as my index page... so I turned my old .html page into this, since it is not back-linked from the rest of my site (asside from ""), and thus I don't need to re-code parts of 40-some pages.

So, since this .php page was mostly an "intro" page, I redesigned it to look a bit better than a quick "here you are, click here to continue" page. But I was not sure if this still counts as my "front page" as where I'm supposed to put the Newsbox. I was going to put it on my home page (has my comic and news) but it didn't work (i think) because its a *.htm page... (and again, I didn't want to re-code parts of 40-some pages for back-linking).

so what I did was add an extra spot under my normal news (and a link I already had there) and reorganized a new section for a link to Xepher as well as a short explanation. I also did this to the "Recent Comic" page too.

I also put a small text line about Xepher, donations, and other sites above the disclaimer stuff on the other pages (Sans 90% of the older comic pages).

(Front/Intro page) ->

(Home page) ->

(Recent Comic) ->

What I wanted to know is if this all qualifies for the Newsbox requirements. If I must have the newbox on the same page as the comic, just let me know and I will go ahead and redo the coding for that page and the rest of the site.

But Like I said, the Index.php page is what "" is linked too, so people will see that when they first come, and they will see Xepher links on the pages that people will most likely bookmark.

EDIT: Afterthougt idea: I could also edit in (as HTML) various parts of the Newsbox, like featured site or something. Since I update every 2-3 days on the Index.htm page anyway.

But of course no problem if I'll end up having to redo coding. Comes with the territory.


Please don't try and "edit in" parts of the newsbox. It need to be included as PHP, so that it's dynamically updated whenever I make a newspost, or when a new site is added, etc. Also, I use it to loosely monitor the overall activity of each site.

As for placement, what I ask is that it be on the "main page" of a website. Generally I don't consider a splash page the main page, as a good chunk of people will just bookmark the page AFTER clicking "enter site" or whatever. I'd prefer it to be where people will generally see it each visit. Sorry for the trouble, but yeah, I'd prefer if you move it to the main comic/news page. It does NOT have to be on every comic page or anything though.

As for recoding... well, I'd strongly suggest you use some comic-management script so you don't have to manually code each page in the first place. Short of that however, just find something that does search/replace and change "index.htm" to "new.php" or whatever you make that inside page.


Ok, no problem, I kinda expected that. I'll have up what I have up for now, and I hope to have it all completed by Monday, hopefully Sunday night after my Dad's B-Day, and before I work overnight. But It should be all done by the time I update the Labor Day comic.

Thanks for the heads up :)


There, I think this looks pretty good for the new page:

(its listed under the "Whining" next to a new "Links" section) I think it stands out pretty well.