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Started by Xepher, October 28, 2006, 09:48:30 AM

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Just a reminder, Chat at For all those bored and alone :-)


Oh, and if I'm not on there, check Xepher42 on AIM... If I'm around, I'm almost always happy to chat.


hehe, I pop up every now and then :P
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Something weird:  I was on the chat and after about an hour, I noticed there were four of me online.
None of them were very talkative.


yo, Mr. Xepher!
you said this in the rules:
"How to Apply"
"Applications are now being accepted for Phase 2. For details and application instructions, please visit the forum."
whereabouts are they???
new record: 3 days without a skitz attack!!!

(that's a lie!!!)