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Virmir's Stories

Started by Virmir, March 06, 2007, 04:48:55 AM

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Username: virmir
Email: kendo.virmir at gmail dot com


I'm looking for a better host for my website at  This is an archive for my short stories, which I hope to have a sizable number of one day (though there are only four right now!)  My theme is animal transformations, though I may expand in the future.

As far as update frequency goes, I can't really say, as these things come out of me randomly.  I seem to have managed a new story every 2-3 weeks during the two months the site has been up, though I'm not sure I can maintain that frequency.  I think I can probably get something new up at least every two months or so, though.  If this isn't regular enough to qualify, then I totally understand.

Thank you for your consideration!

(Best pre forum sign-up disclaimer ever, by the way. :) )
- Virmir


Xepher's disclaimers do tend to be interesting, don't they?

Well...that'd be at least as regular as my work.  I think the schedule itself is unimportant, as long as you at least try to keep it.  I seem to recall something about more than once a year, though that may have been elsewhere.

Your writing is good.  Made me think of some things I wrote in creative writing class last year.  Mine was, of course, a lot shorter than yours, since I had only 10 minutes to write it, but yours is an awful lot more detailed.  It would've been nice if you had more to go on, but what you've got is excellent.  I can see why you want a different host, though.  The ads are a touch intrusive.

The one thing I can't tell is if you made the site yourself, or if it's a template.  If it is a template (which it looks like it may be) you'll need to make a site somewhere just to prove you can.

Other than that, it looks good (at least to me).  A Thumbs-up from me.  

I ain't Xepher, though...


Ha ha, is it that unoriginal? Yes I coded it myself. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my stories.  I'm really glad you enjoyed them.  Writing is a new thing to me.  I hated it back in college, but have found myself trying out and enjoying new things lately.  It's much more pleasurable with zero constraints.  I think I might be able to compose three sentences if given 10 minutes, heh.
- Virmir


Okay, I don't have time to read your stories right now, but I recognize your name from the TSA. You get a pass on pure nepotism! You should have an email with instructions, please follow them.


Awesome!  Thank you very much!
- Virmir


I didn't say it was unoriginal...just that I couldn't tell.  It does resemble some templates I've seen, though.  Nothing wrong with it, though.  It works, and that's what counts.  Right?

Congrats, by the way.