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Art challenge

Started by phantasus, June 30, 2007, 08:58:39 PM

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Hello everyone!
I would like to propouse an art challenge in the forums.
Lemme explain, its like a game:
So someone chooses a topic ( it can either be the first one to post or we can choose someone to do so, it can be the same person or we can change it , whatever you prefer.) and everyone who is interested in participating draws something about that topic in 15 minutes or less ( this is honor based ) then post it here.
At the end we would have a collection of drawings of the same topic by different artists we can look at them and see how other people see that single topic.
Topic changes once a week.

Time you spend scanning or so does not count, just the time you are actually working on the image. Tecnic is free, it can be color or b/w or how ever you want.
The point of this is to practice quick drawing or painting. anyone interested?   :)


interested, but I can;t commit to anything. I suggest to wait to actually do this AFTER the server move. Might be a good promotional thing or... something?


Shouldn't be a big deal. Move isn't for another couple weeks minimum, and shouldn't bring things down for more than half a day maximum. This looks like it would be an ongoing contest/game too. I can't draw worth jack, or I'd jump in... heck, I may toss in some horrible tries anyway.


Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


While the prospect of a 'group art' thread sounds good, I don't like the idea of only having 15 minutes to spend. It's barely enough for a sketch; it doesn't push people to work harder on their art. Something like a speed-painting thread (example) would be good, give people 2-3 hours to paint something so there's plenty of time to call a piece 'finished', and still add finishing touches.


well i thougth of 15 min so this wont feel like it would take off a lot of time and, yes, whit the idea of speed painting.
but i dont have any problem whit changing it for 2-3 hrs or even eliminating the time limit.
the thing is you post somethin , at leas a sketch , about the week's topic before the week is over.

lets just make clear the rules ( i dunno, voting or so) before we start.

(Tsunemori, thanks for giving us the first weeks topic :)  )


This sounds like a neat idea ^^ I definitely won't be contributing any masterpieces, but I'd like to participate anyway (I already have something in mind for the pancake theme, haha). As for the time limit, maybe we could mimic the thread Tsunemori linked - let each participant decide on a personal time limit less than or equal to 2 hours.
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


ok then, lets leave it that way then.
take the time you want as long as it is less than 2 hr.

its been a week since i first posted, so lets change topics each saturday.

this week's topic is "Pancake" 

free tecnic
2 hr limit
just be sure to post before next saturday.

who want to choose next weeks topic?


here is mine.
took me like 40 min.  :)


Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?



Yeah, I apologize. I may try an actual "drawing" later... I just couldn't think of anything clever that I could do lefthanded with a mouse. I should hook up my tablet tomorrow or something.

EDIT: Oh yeah, time it took. Umm... about 37 seconds drawing pancakes and plate. 5 minutes arranging the stacks and copying them. 15 minutes looking around the web for other words for "pancake." 25 minutes trying to decide the punchline image. ("Jesus H. Christ on a Pogostick"  "Sharks with Laserbeams" and "Squirrels with Lightsabers" were the runners up.) 5 more minutes getting it into a reasonable file for display.


No silly pancake stack!  Pancake tower!

Took about 40 min plus an unknown time fighting with my scanner.


Fun! I need an excuse to get back into practice.
Now was I always this terrible, or is this just decaying skills from a few months away from my pencils...

(about 45 minutes)


Dalila vs Pancake, 14 minutes:

Based on a dream my brother had in which he ate a pancake with a face. He says the eye squirted when he bit into it xD Gwyn's version is better x3
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


ok, one week has past and there have been realy nice drawings and ideas. so...any one wants to post this weeks topic?  ;D