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Question about automatic e-mailing programs (wordpress)

Started by fesworks, December 17, 2008, 04:01:21 AM

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I remember it being brought up, but I totally forgot what happened.

Wordpress can allow people to sign-up for an account on say, Ardra or PSI. To do so, it sends e-mail verification on sign-up... also, for lost passwords... As I recall, you have the servers *not* do any automatic e-mailing.

Though I thought there was a work around for that, especially if the e-mail was not through Xepher....

Can you refresh my memory on the whole matter?



Just as a side note to the topic he posted. SMTP is supported by PHP internally through its own mailing stuff, so if you have something that can't use SMTP that's written in PHP... it's probably shotty software in that department.  ::)
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Thanks! That was what I was looking for! Look slike I'll be looking at loading a few plug-ins for anti-spammer sign-ups and such :)