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"Server unexpectedly closed network connection"

Started by wist, September 27, 2009, 10:53:25 PM

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I'm using WinSCP on the same computers I normally do, using the same login keys,
but recently I've been getting the message:

"Server unexpectedly closed network connection"

And after a short pause, WinSCP prompts me to try logging in again --> and the same thing continues to happen.

So right now I'm not able to access my site at all.

I checked the forums in the past and this issue has been mention before here:

It looks like this is caused by ... system maintenance ... I think? If I read the forums right.
I however didn't see any steps to fix my problem.

Does anyone know how I can get this remedied?


Aaaand the problem's taken care of itself.

I guess it was just a temporary issue.


Yeah, probably just a network issue somewhere along the route. It's also possible that if you accidently DID use the wrong login password a couple of times, it may have locked you out temporarily.