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New Character Pages Coming
« on: January 16, 2010, 04:14:04 pm »
I am planning on doing new character pages for PSI. This is new art I'll be using for the cast profile pages. While not every character that has appeared in PSI is on the cast page, those are just the one's I'm planning on. Starting with the main cast, and working my way down.

Another reason for me drawing new art, is to have a nice reference for their designs and clothes. Yes, some characters' clothes will change in these profile pictures. It's not really meant to be a spoiler, but they will be clothes I'm planning to get some of them into.

If there's any character you want me to draw, and show, sooner than others, I'll accept requests for that.

I'm also planning on releasing a couple of old sketches I drew for Nemi, with complete Armor of the Day Raven... while KIND of a spoiler, I figure showing CONCEPT sketches of it, won't be a bad idea.