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Applications / Re: Daily Life in Fur
May 30, 2010, 11:14:29 PM
oh dont worry if i was pissed i ruin the site (yes i do have the abillity ) but im not mad believe me i thougt explianing my self would be better yes i was mad but not when i wrote that i understood your views on it i get denined alot (aka my family) i was just trying to explain my self if i cae out anger y i didn't mean too i understood there was no chance on getting it *sigh* but i thought id try anyway well back to my endevors
your good pal,

Axle Greymoon

P.S. i seriously wasnt mad and am a bit insulted you thought so but i forgive you guys <^,^>/ i understand you get alot of crud everyday and you'll prolly wont see me again my friends soo have a good summer and for any birthday i miss happy birthday. wishes u well.\<^,^>/
Applications / Re: Daily Life in Fur
May 30, 2010, 06:20:46 PM
i also have to say for me there isnt any other way to answer this my dad was a naval officer so i wasraised to which i have to answer seriously . also just being a furry is hard enough to do in my family drawing art isnt a choice for my family I've been told to quit drawing by EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY but i keep doing it and they still make it hel just to draw soo i tell my self who are they to say that i can not do the thing i love to do? who are they to crush my dreams ?? but who am i to let them kill my dream? i say niegh my friend no one will ever stop my dream i will carry myself till the ends of the earth to make it a reality or die trying. so now i ask you: who ARE YOU??
Applications / Re: Daily Life in Fur
May 30, 2010, 05:36:42 PM
well im srry <_ _> but most of my teaching for my diorder tell me to keep ontopic like at points in this you may see i get completely off track but i put all my heart and soul into this and i know it might not be what you might have wanted and yes i could have been boring but know there is alot more that lies between the layers of boring like well i dont really know how to explain it but i have will and if i dont get this thing for my application ill go searching site to site for a site that will take me so i can actually get known through my comic not for fame or fortune but rather the enjoyment of others for my work  i may be boring but isnt everyone ?? i mean heres my view on the situation i was asked a series of questions to answer the best of my abillity but other may just want to due andom things a part of my mind wanted to say that in the question of counting cats in zanzibar " Cats?? CATS??! I'd rather chase them then count them." but i ask you now didnt i give you enough to know who i am by the details of the boring answers?? look clearly interpret them thank u for your time
General Chat / Re: Does all work suck?
May 30, 2010, 04:10:52 AM
Through my almost 17 years of life i have found that if you love a task even if it is tedious that it doesnt become a task or another thing just to do  it becomes a part of who you are and that isnt a thing to be taken lightly so if you are trying to know what job would be fun look at the things you enjoy and would enjoy doing for years to come all around a job is a choice of what you want to do and will you give your all to get it. so find something that intrests you and go for it
Applications / Re: Daily Life in Fur
May 30, 2010, 04:04:01 AM
ummmm...>,>""/ i answered the questions.. to the best of my ability. though i do happen to get the points of things wrong due to my mental disabillity (non verbal learning disorder) in short terms it means sometimes i dont get what things are asking or saying so... what was i suppose to do other then answer them?? cause you got me all confuzzled (confused) nows ...>,>""/  Im sooo confused on what to write now ...
<-.->'' .....meep
Applications / Re: Daily Life in Fur
May 30, 2010, 12:24:06 AM
1) Current event question: How would you stop the oil spill? Explain with some decent detail, specifically, why you think they haven't tried your idea yet.

well I think it is stupid how they are stopping it.. they are using a chemical that is more hazardous then the oil its self. I guess i would have them use fine nets and skim the surface of the water collecting the oil and lifting it out of it. Yes I know alot of peoples vacations arent what they would think they would be because of the oil but if your helping the enviroment why wouldnt you give anything to have it better for future generations? I know it takes time but i would go help if i could id drag a net behind me while i swim to collect it if i had to. soo they havent tried because they are taking the easy road out.

2) Science multipart question: a) Why is water blue? b) Why is water REALLY blue? c) Why is heavy water not blue?

water is blue because of the absorption of the red part of the red part of visible light other then that id have to look it up. which i would say that would be cheating...but if you want to know here you go from The absorbed photons promote transitions to high overtone and combination states of the nuclear motions of the molecule, i.e. to highly excited vibrations. our knowledge the intrinsic blueness of water is the only example from nature in which color originates from vibrational transitions.

3) Throw-a-furry-a-bone question: Why a wolf? If you had to be an extinct species instead, what would it be? What about if it had to be fictional?

I chose a wolf because I suit a person with thier animal that is close to them by social staus volume of voice energy levels and reactions and I Look into peoples soul kinda its wierd and i see the true them  I  didnt know who I was a few years ago but recently i found out who i was it was a few days out of my depression ( after i decided why should i be sad ? i should be happy) soo after that i kept looking into it and well i still dont have all the pieces ofd the puzzle but who does? if i ha to be any extinct animal (other then any form of a wolf like dire wolf or the cascade mountian wolf ) it would have to be the american cheatah. Fictional would be one of my own concaction called a terror dragon (which is a mixture between a wolf and a dragon )

4) Extemporaneous subject: Counting Cats in Zanzibar... discuss.

I do believe this is a saying which means  that it is not worth the time that it is worth but have to admit no matter what you strive for isnt everything worth time because if you feel as if you actually want to do something it is in no power can anyone tell you that your dreams are poop cause it isnt worth thier time and there are alot of people who  who are like that but not me because i think if it is important to someone go for it even if it is a 1 in an infinite possiblility chance that youll succeed, if you have the heart and mind set who am I to say that it isnt worth your time to strive for. thats what i think .
General Chat / Re: Flying 101
May 28, 2010, 02:42:00 AM
*aww struck* i love the plane ....... sooo sooo much goood post dude goooooood post
General Chat / Re: Internet Age
May 28, 2010, 02:36:16 AM
I remember the exact day i heard that the first time i was ..... 7 and my cousin had it on a cd we were playing pinball to it... Dont judge me... i was 7 ...>,>"/
Im trying to promote myself by working to my dreams of working with animals and becoming a great furry artist. i currently have 433 different styles on drawing. (yes to inform you I do have a life)I also create rave music for when im bored things to do.
Applications / Daily Life in Fur
May 26, 2010, 09:02:22 PM

axlegreymoon @

If I get this site it will be a comic site used for my own comics that get updated every monday and friday. I have two comics in the making but my scanner recently broke soo my comic one of them is temporarly delayed. if you want to check out the comic i have been doing go to it took some time to do each of those mostly about an hour for each trying to make everything perfect but my mom and brother tell me to get off the computer to do other things (I'm 17 ) soo mostly I'd have alot of comics by next year I create them to have fun. Anyway I'm getting off topic now (I'm sorry) With the webpage I would pretty much have other comics with it like Furensics and The HERO. These comics Are gonna be based off of actual life with a fantasy twist on them. I'm just starting out with my comics I had more comics but each died very rapidly cause they never got out on a site that people would like. I've never been anywhere close to good at anything else but my art and stories. (oh by the way my script for The HERO is My comics usually have a random side to them you never know what is gonna come up (note swearing and stuff not usually brought up though it might have the occasional dam and bastard [sorry if these are not allowed please warn me if they arent])
Xepher i wish to have "The Challenge"

Wishes you a good Day,
Axle Greymoon