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Topics - Cassiopeia

Web Design / Layout
July 04, 2006, 10:09:47 PM
I've decided I might move to comic genisis for a while before I reapply here once I have more in the gallery and comic. But since I may move I'd like to make a new layout. My html skills are as good as my website now, so I'm still not sure about how to make layouts like on other mangas I have seen. For example, how does one get the menu bar to stay on each link you click on. Like if you click on gallery the menu bar will still be there to click on another link to er... links or something. I don't really know the coding and I'd like help... I've been looking for tutorial at other layout sites, but I can't find any. Appreciate the help!
Alright, we know is about originality, and not using ideas that have been used a thousand times. So in stories/manga (meaning Japanese art style books. I know manga in Japanese means all comic books, not just the anime style)/comics that we have all read, which would most people think of as the most "typical" kind of main charachter? I read Ticky's Mary-sue thing, and it has some good points. But please tell me, when you think of a main charchter, what do you think are the most common qualities almost everyone puts into their main charachters? I mean as personality wise. The sweet cute little innocent girl who's like virtally perfect, the newbie hero who ends up to be the storngest of them all, or the cold mistreated person who grievs about their lives? If there are more you can think of, go ahead and state it. I just thought this may help some writers and comic artist out a bit more when there trying to come up with an original charachter ^_^...

My opinion, I think the cute inncoent girl is used waaaaay too often in manga's and stuff. I mean some girls are cute, but there are different kinds of people out there besides the cute ones @_@...
Applications / Candyz Pop
June 11, 2006, 07:31:42 AM
Username: The username I would really like to get is Candyz Pop, which is the current name of the website I have.

E-mail: The e-mail I use for public use is But if you need my personal e-mail, I'd appreciate if you would e-mail my public one first to ask for my private one. ^_^...

Site description: Candyz Pop is my site where I post both my original/fan artwork, as well as my comic Project K.R.O.W.. I have only gotten a couple pages of the manga up so far, but will post much more! ^_^. The story of my manga is about a girl named Casselia who is a leader of a gang and has lost both parents. But just when she thinks life is as good as it can get for someone like her, a new student arrives and changes the course of her life. This manga is rated OT, for Older Teens meaning 16+, which I have already stated in the about section. I'll also try to make that more clear by putting it on the notes on the cover page, considering not everyone reads the about sections. I may also have some pictures of the cast that are not suited for 13 or under, but I will state that as well before I post them up. Beleive me, I don't want to tramatize kids @_@... Also, all my links to other sites should be safe.

Convincing time!: XD! Alright! I belive you should host my manga/art site because I'm really trying to go for an orginal new manga. I've tryed to design charachters with new looks, such as tigered stripe hair color! XD! I also thought that their are basically no manga's that sees life through a girl that has joined a gang. The only one I can really think of is "Gals" and it only has a little bit of Miyu's life as a gang leader. There might be more, but none that I have seen. Also I really wanted to have a manga where the main charachter is not depressed about their life, perfect, and isn't completly naive. Of course they can't know everything, or that wouldn't be fun! XD...

Current website: My current URL is

Well I hope you approve my application! I'd be so grateful! This new hosting will totally improve my website if accepted! ^_^