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Cool! I tweeted about it, and will include links once I get the new site going :) Thanks!
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you should be able to translate:
The Late Shift is a simple introductory comic to Jenny. That should be fine to translate and pass around. Both the comic and the extra text image below it. I would change the URL in the text image to or And I;m not sure if Rob Cave's listed email is even current (I can check on that). Let me know if you do this one, and I'll find out stuff.
On The Couch is a short story, 6 pages I think. I know the guy that did it. As long as credits link back to The Shifter Archive, you should be fine in posting that elsewhere. I don't think the creator has a website any more, but if he does, I'll find it.

The same guy also did When Casting Calls, and I helped him set it up for printing:
Now this is a full sized comic. So it could take some time.

Then there is my LEGO Brick webcomic, Jenny Everywhere and the Golden Key:
This one is pretty long as well. If you do this one, you can put it anywhere, as long as links back to The Shifter Archive and

Also, if you'd need help in comic lettering (like if you just do the translation itself, but maybe not the images?), I can easily lend myself to create the new images. Many speech balloons may be too small for a proper reading-sized translation, so they might need to be slightly re-drawn... not sure.

If you end up doing When Casting Calls, I may see if I can somehow get that to be a print version (possibly with On The Couch), but I'm not 100% sure on that. Just a thought. In any case,I'll be wanting all the translated images for back-up, but I'd be linking out to your site for the translated versions... or I could host the translated versions. Whatever works, really.

As far as the older story comics that are NOT hosted on the Shifter Archive, you can email those people (like John Meiers of My Bloody Valentine or Bacterial Lunarversity... or Nelson Evergreen of Names Not Down and Damn Fine Hostile Takeover), directly and ask them.

As far as the older story comics HOSTED on The Shifter Archive, as I said before, I don't technically have permission to host them (because I can't get a hold of most of them), so I take personal responsibility if there is fault for that. I can say that if the translated versions are hosted on The Shifter Archive, that may work better than you putting them on your own site. I don't even have ads on the comic content pages, I even I don't make money off of hosting them (though I may be adding more comic ads to the info pages in the future).

But again, I *honestly* don't think that anyone who did those older comics (Names Not Down through By The Book) would have a problem with it. But the four I mentioned above, should be fine. But check with those linked-out people, because they should have emails on their sites, and you can say I told you to ask (if you do). So there's lotsa options for you.
Re-reading your post, I must address the copyright. If you would do a translation of anyone's comic, it'd likely have to maintain the original copyright (versus "public domain and creative commons license" as you stated), and, of course, you'd be added to translation credit.

I don't think any of the comics i have on the site are public domain, and I'm not sure if any of the Creative Commons ones allow derivatives (but if they were, you should be able to follow the guidelines for that, easily).

But I'll send an email to a few people and see if I can direct them to this forum to talk with you more about the specifics.


In general, I'd want to say "yes" to everything, and make a complete French version of this website :P I mean, I don't technically have permission from everyone to have their work here, but only because I could not get a hold of them... but it was all previously online to begin with. And I am not making money off of their work anyway. I am pretty sure that merely translating any/all of the comics would be in issue. At least for the comics that are hosted on The Shifter Archive itself. Several are hosted elsewhere.
PDSH wikia?

Well, not that meny people come to these forums any more, but I can try to email some of the creators. Of course, I don't want to end up getting a ton of potential replies to you, that you become overwhelmed. Maybe of the older ones, I've not been able to contact tho. Hmmmm. Well, I'll put a tweet out, next chance I get. I'll start by asking a few authors at a time. If noone else replies here, I'll see to try and get a few people via email, at the very least.
General Chat / Re: So, um, Anyone playing MINECRAFT?
January 25, 2011, 02:26:40 AM
I already play it a bunch, so I'll likely play a bunch here, too. Though I tend to play in binges :P

General Chat / Re: So, um, Anyone playing MINECRAFT?
January 17, 2011, 05:21:58 PM
It's only an "M"MO, if you let it be. Otherwise, with restricting who's on, it's just an MO.

I've never played on one of those huge ones... sounds ridiculous o_O
General Chat / Re: So, um, Anyone playing MINECRAFT?
January 13, 2011, 10:08:32 PM
Well, I have a few worlds. Mostly because of the updates. I wanted to be in a snow world... but now with Biomes, you can find new areas as you go out farther. before it was stuck to s single type.

I think right now, there's not going to be many changes that would really need one to make a whole new map.

If I could somehow run a virtual server or such from my computer and leave it on, I wonder if that would work, for a few people anyway. I have no clue at all.
General Chat / So, um, Anyone playing MINECRAFT?
January 13, 2011, 09:59:47 PM

Easily one of the awesomest, simplest games online, and it's not even out of Beta! (only recently went from Alpha to Beta). You can Mine and you can craft. At night, monsters come out! It's all in blocks and 8-bit graphics (though you can get new skins). You have one objective: survive.

Anyway, multiplayer (which requires a server host), is really cool (if you play on a non-public server with friends, to avoid griefers). It's like an MMO almost. You can work together to build stuff and such..

Anyway, view this fanmade trailer to get a great feel of how awesome this game is:

I'm currently playing in a multiplayer with a friend's friend's server.

Single player is still really cool, but, of course, lacks the social element. Perfect if you really want to feel completely stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Quote from: Keybounce on October 25, 2010, 05:32:38 PM
If a reader doesn't have a link to it, they won't know that it's there.

If a reader just checks out the new comics, that gets missed.

It's in the "Sides" archive. Under "Assorted 2010".... if that is what you mean.

Quote from: Keybounce on October 25, 2010, 05:32:38 PMSo, from what I understand,

Fes is a character, and knows it.
Fesworks thinks he draws Fes
Fesworks is a character, and now knows it
Fes Works thinks he draws Fesworks
Fes Works is a character, and doesn't know it

... But then, who draws Fes Works? (.... wasn't there a webcomic existential philosophy thread about the whole "levels of comic awareness" that wound up comparing it to real world religions and philosophies?)

I like that comic. I really think it shows the whole WCA and "Is there a God?" questions/concepts better than anything else I've seen.

"Fesworks", as far as PSI and The Crossover Wars are concerned, is the "inserted author". You may liken him as an "avatar". There is a reason this comic is in the "Side Comics", because this comic isn't necessarily canon.... Not to the STORY in P.S.I. anyway. One of the ways I've tried to help "fix" P.S.I. was separating the archive into "main story" and "sides". There is "Story Canon" and "Comic Canon". That way I can do jokes like this, that don't fuck up continuity of the story.

"Fes Works" is me. The real, offline creator of P.S.I. That is the 5th wall. In PSI, and in the Crossover Wars, the 4th wall is merely the awareness, and of course when authors self-inserted themselves... y'know, classic 4th wall. Everyone, including myself, were roleplaying as though we actually could enter into the webcomic multi-verse, etc.... of course, that's all BS and not real..... we essentially made a 5th wall.

... It makes total sense to me....

Also, as far as the "Is there a God/Goddess" thing. I've got more plans for the future of PSI that continue to deal with such things. The Jenny Everywhere story (Crossing Over Worlds) was also a good example of that.... that and "fate" and "free will" and what-not.
PSI's Extended Universe

This is the 2nd Draft.... Still working on it. My main concern is linking universes with crossovers, especially where it had some significance on PSI.... though I did kinda go beyond that a bit here. This chart totally makes sense to me.

The new archive has been reorganized. Some comics were moved to "Side Strips" on the new site, thus bringing down the strip number match ups. Also, crossover comics have been integrated into the new archive, so numbers also have been screwed in that sense.

The new archive is the archive. As far as I know, there should be no errors.

I'm deleting the old, and I probably should consider deleting the DD site or archive.
I'm going to delete the old forum.

I'm going to delete the old archives.

Post here.
Erm.. What do you mean if I don;t have a link to it?