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Sorry. Long gone. Life happened and I could not keep up and so much time passed that upkeep of the site failed because of a virus or something. I'll try to get a hold of Xepher to have him take down the site and banner. I'd like to put everything back up, somewhere, eventually, but you know.

Were you a reader of PSI? I know I posted a "what will happen, how does it end?" post on the site years ago... has it been 5 years now? I don't remember.
I emailed you and Ben together.
I can always call phone numbers. Are you in the continental USA or Canada?
Thinking about doing a Jenny Everywhere: Revisited podcast episode. Maybe you both would like to be on that, this Sunday maybe?
I actually found some items that are over 2 years old. Luckily I have fixed up my email with a whole lotta tags, so I should be keeping better track of submissions! Click below to see the additions.

Still missing a few pieces.

Seems I'll always be at 99% up to date. I give a bit more explanation here:
I never actually cataloged these, but it's on my list now.
I've not been ignoring things! Just Busy! I'm actually cataloging things for another archive update. I tend to do that before Jenny Everywhere Day rolls around.

Also, Awesome!!
Just bought Tales to Behold #1-3! Thanks for finally making them available online!

I'm still behind on the site, but by the next birthday, I will likely have another boost in updating it again. The biggest, hardest update recently was the Warren Ellis forum stuff. I will likely get these updated by the next Jenny Everywhere Day for sure! I enjoy your takes on other people's takes on the character!

Oh, did you ever sort out a printing solution? I have not had a chance to check that blog post where we talked about it.

I'll try to keep an eye on this. I have several emails to sort through still, plus a few I have on my harddrives at home.... getting closer to closer the gap this year, than I was last year.
By the way, this already happened :P
Yes! And I managed to update The Shifter Archive a fair bit!
John Miers seems to be working for me:

Though I did fix a few bad links.
It's possible. Right now it's a WordPress site, and I'm not interested in re-doing the whole site (again) from scratch. Granted, I am behind (again). I could add people to the the WordPress account with the ability to add things, as long as it is all added correctly to the current template. But making a new, open-wiki-style site is not something I am interested in. I hope to pick up the slack on the website this July.