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Applications / Millennium
October 15, 2005, 04:04:25 AM
Applications / Inaccurate Perdition application
October 15, 2005, 12:46:54 AM
Ohhh, I really like your art style, and your site's really simple. I love not being confused! <3 As for the archive automation thing, I know someone with a script that makes it so they don't have to make a webpage page for every comic in the archive. It's not an automatic thing, though, or at least not in that sense... I really don't know how to explain it, as it isn't mine XD;; Ha, I don't get most php scripts myself.
Applications / Millennium
October 14, 2005, 11:39:48 PM
Absolutely amazing it certainly is not, but it's not often I see something eye-stopping, either. ;) I shoot for "entertaining." (Although, where my story is now, it could have stood to be better, or have had a better start, yes, as many webcomic authors say.)

...On that note, I update twice a week. I'd shoot for 3/week if it weren't for college and other things. I'm queuing up pages and images to update with right now, so I can once I have a site again - whenever and however that may be. ^^;

Oh yeah, I had a web design question, although I may not be keeping that layout for long anyway. (I want to shoot for a more professional or fun one, hehe.) But it would probably answer other questions of mine for the future.
The floating blue head there, I wanted it to be in a fixed position relatively near to the right side of the table. However, I found that it will be in the wrong place if the window isn't maximized, or if there're smaller resolutions involved, because no matter what it's at those certain coordinates...

So, I haven't really figured out how to remedy that. I need help. ^^; I figure once I figure that out I'll be able to make a LOT of better layouts, because there're only certain ways I know to make websites. (Note that I do do all my layouts in Wordpad. It's probably obvious, though.)

Also, if I didn't mention it before, the link buttons on the right are broken 'cause they haven't been uploaded. ...And, well, that goes for everything else on the site, too. Of course, available on request.

Edit again! While I'm at it! Does anyone have suggestions for good free php scripts for: counters (today's visitors, total visitors, AND total hits) and "__ people online" scripts? I tried looking, but you know, I found a bunch and I don't know which one to take. I wonder what the difference is sometimes.
Misc. Content / Nanananana Katamari on the Swing...
October 13, 2005, 06:06:41 AM
Aww. Well, Katamari is one of those things you need to see/play in order to understand, because But the original game was hard to find because many places didn't stock it. Namco was unsure of how popular it was going to be. And then it became terribly popular.

And that fact is what makes its sequel that much more entertaining, and fun. <3
Misc. Content / Nanananana Katamari on the Swing...
October 13, 2005, 03:51:06 AM
I haven't gotten to play the battle mode actually. No one to battle with, you see. :(

But yeah, We <3 Katamari is awesome,  in that it has two-player co-op as well as battles in The House, The Town, and The World. <3
Applications / AXE13
October 10, 2005, 02:13:06 AM
Ooh, a very nice site. I love the headers for each page, which is why I can't wait for you to get up the gallery. Your style is nice; manga-influenced but unique and not a cheap ripoff. Respect, yo.
The story's fun and easy to read. I can tell you're going to go places with it, too, and I can't wait until it really gets rolling/you start updating again. Hehe, it sounds like you're taking it in the same direction as I am with mine, as in you want to make it more than just a side hobby or something to crap out every day. That's gooood. <3 (Also, you wouldn't fix old pages unless you printed, which is another one of my mottos. :O Very good. People don't like complete startovers/re-edits in general, anyway.)

And I can see why you'd want to move from Comic Genesis. Guh. I've heard bad things about them lately. Or at least, not-very-good things.

I am totally going to stalk through your DA gallery now, 'cause I can't get enough of that style. Hehehe. (Also, I'd ask for a link exchange if my site currently existed... XD;;; Maybe when it gets back up.)

Good luck!!
Applications / Millennium
October 09, 2005, 05:07:40 AM
Wowies, all those links worked a few hours ago. Well, now you see why I can't be hosted there anymore. XD; My host was having issues.

I'll look for some other temporary space to show you something. @_@

Edit: Okay, the pics are all working. I'm working on getting my site up somewhere temporarily so you could take a look at that too. (It's all php stuff I'd rather not redo for Geocities...) I'd like to link you to my Drunkduck comic mirror so you can look at the comic, too, but Drunkduck is down also. It's our lucky week, isn't it?

Edit 2: Okay, temporary display's back in a non-crashing fashion.

If you want more content just let me know - I have it so only everything on the main page (except the affiliate banners) looks correct. (I'd upload more if my connection were faster - I'm sending these things to someone to upload for me. ^^`)

Edit 3: And just in case Geocities goes kablooey, this is back:

Edit 4: Oh yeah. I was thinking of redesigning my site's layout once I got it back up, but I haven't sketched out my ideas as thumbnails yet. I got kinda bored with tables...
Applications / Millennium
October 09, 2005, 02:16:21 AM
Oh, I managed to do some quick artwork to show.

Comic pages: Page 50 The most recent page

Art (none are finished quite yet - started them all yesterday): The most finished of the three, but didn't take long to do. I can do better.

(I'd been waiting until my week break from college to work on art/pages for my comic, which had been on hiatus. I was hoping to update soon, too, but it looks like that won't happen. XD; Oh well.)

(Oh yeah, about where I'm hosting those, it's a temporary space someone let me have. ^^; It was going to be for my personal art/portfolio site (which I may also apply for later on, as soon as I get it organized), but I can no longer be hosted there, either.)

Edit: Axe the above statement. Space go boom. Geocities GO!
Applications / Emulazone Retro-Gaming Application
October 09, 2005, 02:06:34 AM
I like the subject of retro gaming. Super NES will always be my personal favorite.
Misc. Content / Nanananana Katamari on the Swing...
October 08, 2005, 02:28:57 AM
Aww, it can't be that bad.

Katamari is pretty confusing control-wise until you get the hang of soft turns, though. But you've also gotta be swift! And when something's fun, it's a lot easier, too.
Misc. Content / Nanananana Katamari on the Swing...
October 07, 2005, 05:50:44 PM
C'mon. Someone here's gotta like Katamari. Either of them.

>> << >> One of my aims is to start a Katamari Damacy topic in every forum I join. Which isn't many. So, whee!

We <3 Katamari, don't weeee? <3 Long live the King!
General Chat / Livejournals
October 07, 2005, 05:48:52 PM

I'm friends only, but if anyone adds me I'll add you back. <3
I am a strange strange person who posts strange things. Sometimes incoherent, sometimes totally geeky. :B Goin' on 4 years woo!
Applications / +insomnia+
October 07, 2005, 05:38:02 PM
I can say that I definitely like your art style. The pictures are huge and would be murder on my home connection, but that's beside the point. Nice style, yes.
Applications / Homeworld's Gallery application
October 07, 2005, 05:30:16 PM
Wowies, a nice variety of stuff there. Some simple yet complex designs. And I like your anatomy practice, too. Currently I'm looking into getting that book that was mentioned, hehehe.
Applications / Millennium
October 07, 2005, 04:09:16 AM
Site username: millennium (that's right?)
Email: self.revolution[at]
Temporary site display:
Other art url:

Hello! I'm Jessica C. I prefer to be called Senshuu. I've been hopping servers for the past few years, and it's been madness (but quite a learning experience). Either servers went down or ran out of space - but this is promising and oh-so warm.

A description of my site? This is for my manga-esque, fantasy webcomic: Millennium. It has CG and sketch galleries, in-depth character descriptions and world information, and all sorts of extras like wallpapers and sprite dolls. As of November, the comic will be two years old. So far there are 65 pages.

On that note, my site was totally destroyed earlier and I don't have a full working version to show you. However, I do have this temporary display, hosted by a friend:

I have a lot more images and subcontent, but they're not uploaded because I couldn't send every single thing over to my friend. If you need them though, I can try.

And as a quick mention, all the "ads" on my page are just banner rotations that only add to comic exposure: completely not money-related.

Anyway, I realize there are a LOT of fantasy comics out there. Especially manga. And some are madly popular, and some aren't! I'm content with mine, as I have a lot of fun writing it and some good friends reading it. My aims with Millennium are making it a wacky, fun comic. (The majority of it is humor-oriented - and I have a strange sense of humor. :3`) There are things I want to do within it that haven't been done (in a particular way~), dialogues I want to write that aren't expected. I want it to feel familiar, but new. And I want to see my innermost ideals and creations in motion. After almost two years, the comic has jumped from a random chibi "side-thing" to something much, much more, and I want to see how much more it grows - I want to surprise myself!
Ah, about the comic itself, though: the plot is really basic. A fabled thing called the "Senshuu", thought to have reshaped the world every millennium, is coming on the year 3000. (A very young planet.) A young boy and his friend, who have been training to be Mages all their lives, have been sent to stop it. To do this, they need the direct help of the four Elemental Spirits and their powers. Now, beyond this, most of the comic centers on all the stuff that happens to the two main characters and their companions along the way - which is a lot, especially in the timeframe of 10 months.

I'd call it PG right now. It gets more PG13ish later on (much, much later on - in what I have planned) but nothing to the "R" extent. No porn, no nudity (at least, not yet), no extreme violence and especially no gore. Some bad language, not incredibly bad but when it comes around it'll be screened.

Oh, some more things:
I linked to my deviantART archive up there, just in case. It doesn't have any incredibly recent art, but it's filled with stuff from 2003 until mid this year, which is the same timeframe my comic's been worked on in (although the art as of ~right now~ is at its best). Some of my older stuff there isn't worth looking at too much.
A majority of my work online is done digitally (via Adobe Photoshop, Procreate Painter), but more recently I'm doing more with real media (most of which I haven't scanned).

Also, I have a domain name:
I can have it forward to my space (if I get accepted :3), unless you have a better way. (The way this one works: it forwards to the space, and even the space's url is shown in the bar as opposed to the domain name. I can have the domain name mask it, but then it's "" for every single page.)

Hmm. I guess that's it! I hope I wasn't too wordy.
Thank you!!