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Art / Re: Favorite Inking Pens
August 29, 2008, 04:43:15 AM
Okay, I have had a tablet of some sort for years now, and I'm still not 100% with it...  I draw and ink way better on paper.  HOWEVER, I have been getting much, much better, especially since I decided to do Lawn Darts totally on the computer.  I think you just have to do that - do a side comic or a series of illustrations and force yourself to do all of it on the computer.  Otherwise you just never learn, because you don't have to.
Checked out your friend's site.  It feels... weird...  the longer one is into comics, the smaller the world gets (the more you keep seeing the same comics/artists mentioned, the more you say "hey I know that guy/gal," the more you say, "hey, I wonder if they know so-and-so who's in the same state...).

My writer (for Lawn Darts) lives in Minnesota.  Josh Lesnick (Girly) lives near me, I think, or at least he's got close ties to Radio Comix, and they're here.  I'm friends with the editor.
Is anyone else gonna play?
Red hair!

What's that sandy stuff?  Sand?  Pollen?  Fungus?
General Chat / Re: The \
August 26, 2008, 11:19:45 PM
O.o; golden shower...

of orange juice....
Art / Re: Favorite Inking Pens
August 24, 2008, 07:10:16 PM
I love Pitt Faber Castell artist brush tip pens.  They sell them at Hobby Lobby, but if you buy bulk they are cheapest here:
Here's a nice little intro I found:

A lot of people I know design their site in Photoshop first to figure out the layout and colors.  Then they go back and figure out how to code it later.  If all else fails you can post that image and ask "HOW DO I DO THIS???"
General Chat / Re: The \
August 22, 2008, 11:20:38 PM
General Chat / Re: The World is Awesome!
August 22, 2008, 06:46:50 PM
People are generally really ugly in slow motion [filming a guy getting hit, filming people on a roller coaster, etc.], unless you get off on seeing rippling skin and fat.

Water droplets are pretty, though.  They make little crowns and such on impact.  They also make little phallic towers... <.<
Heh, it may not have had anything to do with at all.  There's a new collective/hosting group/community thingie born every month, at least, and they're not all run by the most pleasant, mature people on the planet.  Some are friendly, some elitist, some spammy, and some, well, kind of passive aggressive.  I think it was TWCL where there was a thread about comic navigation, and I posted a question in there, and someone responded that he had a great system that would do everything I wanted.  The catch was that it was HIS system and would only be available to comics he hosted, so neener neener unless I moved my comic to his site.  <.<;  He may not have meant it that way, but that's how it came off.
The world is SHRINKING!

Wait, that should be shrinking...
Web Design / Re: Automated comic scripts
August 22, 2008, 05:34:37 AM
My Crowfeathers site uses php with a text file [someone else wrote it for me], so such things are possible.  However, it has, herm... broken down for unknown reasons...  So I am moving to SomeryC.  I think the guy that runs Sage Comics uses or once used Walrus... I think...  <.<;  I don't think that many people still use it.  It's pretty old, no?
More specifically I'm here to annoy xepher, who I ran into somewhere on the internets.... lol.  OMG WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOOD.  I foresee mayhem.

I kinda knew this place existed, but I forgot about it because I didn't need hosting.  Looks like I know a bunch of you guys from elsewhere already, so, hiyas.

BTW Xeph, you're not the guy that kept emailing me like a year or so ago asking repeatedly if I wanted hosting, are you?  <.<;