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Hello everyone,

We're coming up on another Jenny Everywhere Day. It's going to be on Tuesday, August 13th, which is a month from now.

This will be the fifth year of the event. In 2009 we had 9 submissions, 2010 saw 14, in 2011 we go 19, and last year we had 12 submissions. While these are all respectable numbers, I'm really hoping we can break the 20 submission barrier this time around.

Submission information can be found here: and early submissions are not only acceptable, but are encouraged.

But, while a submission is greatly appreciated, the real purpose of the event is to spread the word about Jenny Everywhere and try to inspire people that may not have heard of her to take a look. So please, tell your creative friends that may be interested about the character and the event. Tell any media outlets you feel would be willing to cover the story.

You can direct them to the Jenny Everywhere Day website as well as the Shifter Archive

Also, please use #JennyEverywhereDay if you're tweeting about the event.

I appreciate any efforts you can put forth.

-Benj Christensen
I saw the characters some time ago (probably shortly after you added them) and have been adding a few to my long-distance plans for the Jenny Everywhere Chronicles. Battle-Cry and Jackpott will definitely be making an appearance at some point (potentially soon).
This is turning out really nice. Great job everyone.
When were you planning on starting this?
Well hopefully I Am Geek doesn't disappoint you. I'm often scared that what I find funny might not make the slightest bit of sense to anyone else.

As for the art, I don't really think that it's my place to say whether or not it can be used for anything. I'm fairly certain that the artist is on Deviant Art, if you're determined to use it I would start there.
Ah yes, the Governing Council. This IS quite old. I was working with another artist on it back in the day and it kind of just fell through. Can't honestly remember why. There may come a time when I just sit down and do up the art for it, but I'm not sure when that might happen.

I'm glad that you liked the script, it was fun to write. :)
You know what might be a nice addition to everything would be to talk to the Project : Rooftop people about doing up a Jenny contest or whatever. I'm not exactly sure what could/would be given away as prizes, but it might be an interesting outlet to look into. The "redesign" stuff they do really SCREAMS Jenny Everywhere.

Here's a link for those that don't know what I'm talking about: