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"a pessimistic sense of inadequacy" (CHALLENGE)

Started by fesworks, July 11, 2006, 09:43:01 PM

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Ok, for those still interested, if any,

New format: inked and grayscale, new font

Comics 26-29

Slowly been "Upgrading" Ernst to a proper Anthromorph... versus "Giant Rat".

I'm updating every 2-3 days.


Your pencil coloring might turn out more to your liking if you laid down a watercolor base first..? This of course would take considerable time more, but I think your grayscale is just fine.

Another note, you may want to check with Xeph about using the solfire banner exchange; I can't recal the exact on that or not.

Xepher? This poor kid's been waiting forever. At first I was unsure of him, but he's stuck around and continued on with the comic even as it's seemed he's been the only one posting to his own thread. I feel like he's took a dive into the community and become one of us anyway. =0)
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Fair enough. A+ for effort. You should have an email with instructions.

Oh, and Solfire banners. Hmm... as far as I understand Tet doesn't give you any money for doing it, it just helps him out. I'll say "okay" for now. We'll see if they become more commercial or not, because he seems to be selling them to whoever. For now it's mostly other comic sites though, which is okay.


A most gracious thanks! *bows*

Hopefully I'll be able to set up over the weekend, though I have a comic tonight/tomorrow, Work tonight, Dad's B-Day on Sunday, Work on Labor Day, and a Labor Day Comic. So we'll see. But Thank you so much and Munerift, thank you for your comment!

The Solfire banner is not profit to me, in fact I'm trying to get my banner on the exchange (which costs me $5 for a month), but I have not heard from them yet about it. But yea, just let me know, and I'll keep an eye on it too if it goes more commercial. I don't want ads at all, and have no intention to turn a profit on the site, especially since its my glowing hobby :D. I don't even want google ads. But I'm always up for plugging webcomics I like.

I'm going to check out the E-mail now :)


Thanks again to all those that replied and helped me out!

I will be changing all the pages into redirect pages come Labor Day, so they all point to and appropriate pages on there.