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"a pessimistic sense of inadequacy" (CHALLENGE)

Started by fesworks, July 11, 2006, 09:43:01 PM

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"a pessimistic sense of inadequacy"

The website is going to be a vent for my real life frustrations. To put it out in a creative artistic way. Yes I'm going to "blog" each comic, but how I write isn't in an immature way, but rather I tend to ramble on and break off into tangents. As a "WTF is he talking about?" style of  contributer to the message board I frequent, I tend to deliver one hell of a good post that gets people entertained. I tend to post insightful, or rather things you never considered, at times. I'm pretty individualized in my thinking.

The comic itself is going to be a satirical representation of musings and thoughts I have about inconsequential and seemingly unimportant matters. Along with human-sized animals/characters/beings/pets (i have not decided yet) that will play as protagonists or antagonists to a character in some why. So its a bit surreal as well. Including taking thoughts and situations and putting them to semi-extremes.

The actual direction of the comic should tie in with the "blog" post each time I update, which I hope to be weekly. The actual plot of the comic, for now, is going to be random and undefined, but perhaps later it will develop into something more. I also plan to do some webcomic parodies or  satires for fun, but not as a mainstay. I don't plan to borrow any characters from other webcomics for use as regular, nor semi-regular characters. Though I would still be open to the idea.

The name is "a pessimistic sense of inadequacy", but its not meant to be a depressing webcomic, but rather satirical. The style of the website is in greys because I thought it would look cool, and I worked hard on a simple style for the site which I am pleased with. All text images were made from's image makers. Plus I am adopting Amber's "Fa Teen" Censor Panda image.

The content is going to be rated Web 14, as I plan to include have some swearing and some satire probably not for people that should not be online without parental consent anyway.


I am using a Geocities website until I can figure out where to go with this content. Bear in mind the site might not load right because of Geocities' crappiness. So I uploaded the other comics to

ADDED: 07-14-2006

ADDED: 07-15-2006

ADDED: 07-20-2006

ADDED: 07-30-2006


This content is in the early stages, as I may not filled everything out yet, and just got the few comics. I, of course, plan to be improving my drawing methind, but will continue to draw as free-handed as possible.

Unsure if I will be making color comics as a regular update, but I plan to do some here and there.

I do plan on continuing to update the site while my Application here is being processed and reviewed and challenged. I wanted to start this process now to motivate myself to keep making more comics.

How I heard about Xepher:
Saw a link at the bottom of Amber's DMFA webcsite.

The first webcomic I recal ever seeing was Homestar Runner. I loved the comic, but they don't update as often as they used to. The next two I was told about, and they were Penny Arcade and VG Cats. Through VG Cats i went through their links and found Badly Drawn Kitties. From there i was hooked on webcomics. After that I found Amber's Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures and absolutely loved her comics AND the stuff she posted about. She sounded very real, and just like anyone else, but with a great talent for expressing herself.

That was all about a year ago. More direct inspirations have come from Badly Drawn Kitties, showing that "badly drawn" comics can work; DMFA which showed me a great expression of an artist; Punks and Nerds where randomness and parodies proved to be great when adapted to one's own art style; and Girly where the artists awesomely unique yet kinda old-school/pre-schoolish art style driven in adult-themes yet underlying kiddie-cute themes makes me wish I could draw like his simple yet complex stlye.

Certainly am open to suggestions, but I still want to do my comic in my own way in my own style. I have a bad habit of making people happy by sacrificing myself for their approval. I hated doing this and this comic is going to be my own expression. So dramatic suggestions may not be taken, but don't take offense. It may work, but just not with my content.

I need to take the Challenge. It will do me good to motivate me more into this. Despite the webcomic's title, I have gained a huge spark of abition for this project. BRING IT ON!


Ah, before anyone says anything, Yes i know i only have 3 comics thus far, but i do plan to do more, like i said I want to do at least weekly. But also reading through some other applications I see how things are. So if I don't get into Xepher as far as hosting goes (by which i can easily contribute a few bucks each month... not a bribe, but this a good host and you really can't free adless space these days), but hey I'm sure i'm still going to have some good feedback here as well as suggestions. I figure i should post the Application to get a jump on myself. So i can get myself out there and and re-apply in a few months if i don't get in..... Though hopefully my stuff isn't terrible to you guys... but this is why I choose "challenge" so i can for sure get some honest opinions.


You hate personal blogs.  So you're ending up making a personal comic-blog.  Kind of a hybridization of a personal blog and a video blog - same amount of whining (as indicated by your menu), but we don't actually have to look at you...but we do at least get to look at something.  

At the same time, you say that you post insightful things that most of us haven't considered yet, but your current comics don't really demonstrate that.  Personally, I'd like to see these insightful things.  Right now, it reminds me of a slow-motion video blog.  Longevity will probably reveal or not reveal the development of your comic blog.
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Good points, and I had that in mind when i made my second post... I'll get to work on the intended comics of which i have a couple of story boards for already. Hopefully others will find them as funny as i find them funny... in my mind.  In any case, thanks for the comments, and certainly that was something I was afraid of doing but ended up doing anyway.


Hey, it's okay.  A lot of sites apply with lots of plans and a few examples.  The general recommendation is push for longevity, but only a few sites have come back to reapply afterwards.  It's true though - if you don't get in this time but apply a few months later, the portfolio to back up your words will be stronger.  I found it strange that you would mention the conflict in your application and pursue the application anyway, which is why I spoke up.  

In any case, webcomics...I might find your future strips entertaining.  I like comics that can be witty and profound (Calvin and Hobbes, for a big example).  However, I've got several artist friends and the strips you currently have sound all too familiar....  Less humorous, more "OH GAWD" for me.  I don't know if that makes sense at all.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


I dont know...

Too little content...

Content that is there makes me chuckle, but I've seen it done by too many other small-stream comics before... (the make fun of comic clich'es...)

...and your mood as a person is bordering on sarcastic arrogance... I'm not sure this would be your time for an application process... =/
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I certainly understand that there is too little content. I submitted an application at this time so i could gain some feedback from people that see early comics a lot. I also feel it as a good kick in the but to get me more motivated by having some preasure on me. As far as Longevity, yes that is important, and I just hope that what i ultimately want from my comic will happen.

I do appreciate the comments, and totally understand that i will most likely not be accepted at this time, but i certainly want some more advice/critisim/comments on this stuff.


In any case... because of what i put for my signature was in my head all day, i just had to do it...


comic 5

BTW, tell me if i should stop linking the new comics in this thread. I do not wish to annoy, of course.

If i should stop, i'll leave it be and continue to update my site (nearly daily ATM because i'm on a creative roll).


Up late and finished another one:

originall called "#6 = 3#"... upon thinking about it, this title is funnier:

"#6 / #2 = 3#"


Errrr... you certainly are a free thinker, though I'm not too sure about the toilet humor.

...ok, you can laugh. =P

But why so "gloom and doom!" ?

...and what's up with the giant rat?
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I'm doing whatever comes to mind, or has happened to me... its kinda humor that might be too inside, but its kinda like how you find certain things funny or hilarious... to you... in your head.... while others may not know what you are laughing about.

The giant rat? I have not decided yet... If he's going to be my roommate or pet.... I have not decided on the "universe" yet... If I'm going to be a human in an Anthromorphic world (kinda) or if everyone is going to have a humanoid animal counterpart.... we'll see once i get outside the apartment (in the webcomic).... I was thinking about Fes' character, and how i wanted him in there... and then i was thinking "Furries"... and thought to try that... but i can't draw "cartoony" and adding clothes to "Ernst" didn't fit right in my mind... so that's what i came up with.... I was going to scrap the first comic and re-deaw it, but it seemed to work out anyway because I like the expressions and head positions and overall outcome... so i kept it, and It will be nice to look back and see how my drawing has (hopefully) improved from my first comic.

That last comic was more of an inside thing that was directly related to something on the other message board... combined with a few other details, it has a much more inside joke than merely what is at surface, but i think it works both ways. So i guess the style of "comedy" is introspective (if i am using the word right) while other just don't seem to get the small things you find funny because the big picture looks to depressing. Which is not going to be toilet humor, which was not the intent of the joke, thought it inturn included toilet humor, it was not the basis for the joke or punchline.

When i introduce more characters, they are not all going to be like the main character. In fact they will be modeled after people i know... to some slightly exagerrated part of them. I'm not sure if I understand your "gloom and doom" comment specifically...

Starting a webcomic is a bit difficult since you have no audience and therefore noone knows your characters, so I am trying to do some character development before just jumping into jokes where they relate to the characters themselves... jokes that ones make only get if they know the characters and/or had a similar experience.

I wish I could drawn "cartoon"-like for my style... but whenever i try, i can't help but making them look like it does.... so i decided not to try to force a style and just draw the way I naturally draw.... Same thing with realistic drawning... it would be cool if i could... but i don;t have the patience to put so much detail in that by the time I am done, i'm too tired to finish the 75% of the comic left. Though i do like to make realistic sketches when i go camping. For the time-being, I'm drawing how it naturally sprouts from my #2 pencil and my ever cramping hand.


Another thing, the challenge is somewhat-of a retired thing as far as I know, it was more in use back in the day... and it's not something that would motivate you by nature...
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Well whilist reading the "read this first" posts, i saw that... In any case, the feedback (critisism and comments) is mostly what I am looking for. I mean if/when (most likely not, because i'm just starting) I get a "no" here I have plans to get a Geocities paid hosting for 3 months (they have a special ending in Sept) and then after that, see what up around every where.

and, believe it or not, I certainly would be motivated by the "Challenge" because I am in the early stages of making a webcomic, and i think its best to get some feedback in the beginning, rather part way through, but that's me. I mean, i have been dragging my feet in making a webcomic for some time.

Also, I did make some cherry cobler the other day, and it was fantastic.


I had a lot of fun with the challenge, actually.  I can't say it motivated me, but it was certainly fun to write.
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