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Started by FloppityKat, April 16, 2007, 01:22:17 PM

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Right then, well did we ever get an answer from you about the site design stuff? That is, the bit where there's no script or tools to help people create sites here, so you need to be able to do that on your own.


I've got basic experience with HTML as well as at least three people willing to help (a programmer friend, Fesworks and Mat Sherer). For archiving, will I have to make a separate page for each comic? I imagine it's not like comic genesis in that respect as well. It's not a problem if that's the case, I was just wondering if there was an easier way than individual pages.

Also, how long would I have to work on setting the site up? I work full time so it might take me a couple of weeks.

Thanks ^_^


Xepher's very nice, including on setup.  I think I saw some random number saying he'd like some progress within two weeks.

Edit, found "Following this, you will have two weeks to get your site up and running." in the Instructions (Read Before Posting!).

As to individual pages, you could use a comic archive php script like Walrus.  You'll just get a messier url (with index.php?date=... or something).


That's what makes me a tad hesitant... I think you're not realizing just how "manual" things are here. You can have seperate pages for each comic, or you can write a script that does it for you, or you can install some other script (like walrus) to do it for you. You CAN do it however you want, but you have to be ABLE to do it. Nothing here does ANY of that for you... you just copy whatever website you've made to the server... that's the extent of's involvement in your site design. However, if Fes (and others) have agreed to help you, then you should be able to get through it.

As for time... I generally like to see people putting something up within 2 weeks, it doesn't have to be some perfect, final version or anything though. Since you should be able to design 90% of your site before you even get accepted, I didn't think that was too harsh. I am rather lenient on this however, and the reality is I just want to know you're working on it.

Desh: As for the "messier" URL, see the thread on Cleaning Up URLs

Fes: Are you still going to help out here? I'm just double-checking, since the earlier mention of it was months ago.


Yea, I'd totally help her out if she's still interested :)


Alright, you're in. You should have an email with login info.


Wow, thank you! Most of my site is pretty much done already, I just have to make some alterations and exclude the comic genesis stuff. Once I get past the first little bit I'm sure all will be well. I'll contact you if I get really stuck.

Thank you again.


Just a quick note, I got the basics up there now. I'll be adding pages and buttons as I go. ^_^


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And you might want to use the banner/box exchange program... (that's the rotating image site ads you see on ) See for more info on that.