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school, homework and shiny blue cars

Started by phantasus, August 31, 2007, 03:07:49 PM

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yesterday was like...the worst day i can remember. i oversleep and was late for school, since my car was at the agency getting its oil changed i had to ask my mom for a ride, and she wasnt happy about me oversleeping. then, when i went to pick up my car, i found out that they have hit it, noting big, just a horrible detail at the door that made part of the paint fall, this made me realy angry, im more than carefull whit my car, i park it on the fartest corner of the parking lot where oneelses wants to park in order to aboid my car getting hited by other car's door and irresposable/insensible owners, and then: it happens! they hit him at the agency!
i used to think they were like my car's guardian angels!
then i went to clases, since i have another class from 8 to 10 pm , and i was so tired and angry because of my car i didnt pay a lot of atention, now i have to do homework and im not sure i know how to.
i need to go to class now, or i will be late again, and latter a friend and i will go to the agency again to figth them until they acept responsability of my car or we are to tired we dont care anymore, and at nigth i need to do a homework and film a spot. so, today doesnt sound like the best day either, but i guess i need to stop thinking it wont be a good day or i will make it a bad day.

soo, thanks for listening, i needed to get it all out!  :'(


I had some bad luck with my car lately too... It's been having trouble starting for a while now, and I had it in the shop a few months back and they did about $700 of work (replaced most of the ignition system) that was supposed to fix it. I specifically asked them to check the fuel rail pressure and the injectors, and they said they did, and all the injectors were working perfectly. I got it back, and it still had the problem. I took it back to them, and left it for three days, and they "couldn't reproduce the problem." So I go to drive it home, and it has trouble starting right there. I was just fed up with it, so I took it home.

Anyway, finally took it to another shop a couple days ago, and they says it's almost always the fuel pressure regulator (which was my thought, since I had the other shop test the pressure) and it'd be about $450, since it's a cheap part, but on my engine, you have to tear off the entire intake to get to it. Well, they get in there, and call me... 4 (of 8) fuel injectors are literally just dripping fuel. Note these are the same fuel injectors the other shop told me were just fine and "not the source of the problem." These suckers cost $178 each, and with 4 already failed, and all this time/money taking apart the engine to this point, it's a really good idea to replace all 8 of them. Thankfully, they found some aftermarket ones that were "only" $112 each. So saved a fair amount there, but I still ended up with a repair bill of over $1700. This is on a '99 suburban that, while still pretty good to me, is only worth about $9600. The worst part is that's more than it was going to cost to fix the door that got smashed, and so I STILL have that huge dent in my door. (There's a rant about THAT incident somewhere else on the forums.) I'm not exactly swimming in money either, and most of that money there was going to go into replacing my desktop computer, which is really choking lately, since most of the capacitors on the motherboard are blown and leaking.

So yeah, as long as we're getting it all out, there's my sob story... and also my excuse for why I've not been online much lately, nor gotten the new server online yet. Yes, I'll take any excuse for that at this point. :-)


im sorry about your car , i hope you will be able to repair it and find money to buy your new desktop...


I hope you win the lottery one day.

Although you guys get taxed for that sort of thing RIDICULOUS I say!
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Yeah, well, on the plus side... it is running really good now, meaning the only real problem left with it is the dent. Well, that and a couple of the electric locks are broke, but I found parts on ebay for like 30 bucks (shop wanted $400 to fix it) and I'll be fixing that myself.