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Technical Support / Re: Name Change
« Last post by sabao on June 20, 2017, 08:33:32 pm »
Hi! Oh don't worry, do what you've got to do.

I've actually already cleared out all the old stuff and moved my site over. I was hoping I could settle the name change before the move, but my previous host will probably expire anytime now so I went on ahead. Will it be a lot of trouble renaming my subdomain while still keeping all the files?
Technical Support / Re: Name Change
« Last post by Xepher on June 20, 2017, 12:10:07 am »
Apologies for not replying sooner. I've been traveling far too much for work and haven't made the time to take care of this. I'm once again in an airport waiting on a flight, so won't be able to take care of it today either. That said, I'm happy to rename things. The question is, do you want any of the old site at all? If not, it's easier to simply delete it and create a new account under the new name. Note this will remove all content AND all email (if you used the email system.) Let me know and I'll try to get to it in a couple days when I return home.
Technical Support / Name Change
« Last post by sabao on June 08, 2017, 03:30:26 am »
So first off, thanks Xeph for fixing the forum email activation problem!

Now the other thing: I own the site account studiopnb. I haven't actually touched it in a while but just came back in the hope of using it again now that I've figured out what to do with it (letting go of my domain which I only picked up for school and moving all the content to xepher). I was hoping I could rename the domain to, if possible.

That's about it. I'm surprised my account is still active! Thank you so much for keeping it around!
Applications / Re: Traitors N' Thieves
« Last post by Aetre on February 12, 2017, 02:36:36 am »
All good; we actually got setup on Bandcamp, so we're alright on that. Thanks, though :)
Applications / Re: Traitors N' Thieves
« Last post by Xepher on January 16, 2017, 05:16:22 am »
Ugh, somehow I completely forgot about this. Sorry! If you still want a site, let me know and I'll get it set up.
Applications / Traitors N' Thieves
« Last post by Aetre on November 14, 2016, 12:18:02 am »

I have an older site at that I haven't updated in a few years; It's probably time for that one to come down. That said, although my interests have moved on, I'm still very much involved in creative pursuits. For the past five years, I've been playing in a rock band named Traitors N' Thieves in the Washington, DC area, and we're just starting to get a following and some professional-grade recordings done. And now we want to take it next-level with a professional-looking website, some iTunes submissions, etc. So, without any further ado:

Username: traitorsnthieves


Site Description: Features pictures and videos of our gigs (videos would be linked from our Youtube channel), links to songs, news and upcoming gig info, and hopefully in the very near future, a link to iTunes for downloading.

Our current site is here: and it serves a general purpose, but isn't the professional-grade look we're going for this time around--think or similar for rock band websites.

The current site has three songs that we recorded in studio in 2014. The new site would have these, plus three new songs we just recorded last month and are getting mastered this Saturday, and it would include live gig recordings of these and other songs. We typically play in a venue where we can record the performance every one to two months depending on the season, so updates would come regularly, albeit on a monthly rather than weekly or daily basis. But we will keep updating; the band has been together 5 years, and we're solid and determined.

So, hope you like the music, and hope we can get a site hosted here. (For what it's worth, I'm on bass and vocals.) Thank you for your time. :)
Technical Support / Re: Unity/WebGL Support?
« Last post by Xepher on September 29, 2016, 09:31:53 pm »
Sorry for the late reply, out of town.

You should be able to add that to your own .htaccess file. Just create it in the root of your public_html directory, and it'll be automatically read by the webserver. You can configure a large amount of stuff there, including (as far as I know) mime types. If you have trouble, let me know, and give me a URL/file to check against.
Technical Support / Unity/WebGL Support?
« Last post by kschnee on September 17, 2016, 11:41:18 pm »
I'd like to host projects done with the Unity game engine, but the Web player that engine is now using relies on some very specific HTML5 stuff rather than its old plugin. (Because browsers are phasing plugins out.) To make this system work it looks like I need to take the following advice about the server:

> I have fixed this issue by opening my /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf apache configuration file, and going to the mime_module section. I replaced
> AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz
> with
> AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz .memgz .jsgz .datagz
> and now my browser is automatically decompressing the files when it gets them.
(Details are at if interested.)

I don't think I can do this on my end, since it looks like server configuration for the server itself and not for my corner of it. Would you be willing to make this change, please?
Technical Support / Re: Email Glitch thing...
« Last post by Turnsky on August 17, 2016, 11:12:52 am »
been there for ages, actually.. hazard a guess of "since i joined", i think.

edit: yup, working. thanks.
Technical Support / Re: Email Glitch thing...
« Last post by Xepher on August 16, 2016, 01:03:51 am »
Did you just add the aliases (custom emails) and it still didn't work, or were they there a long time? I didn't see them in the actual config, but I saw them in the DB. If they were old, it's possible they were lost during the migration to the new email system a few months ago. If they're new... then maybe the web script isn't working right to set them. I triggered the "change email" action manually for your account, and it appears they're in place now. Please try again and see if it works.
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